Pure Sweden
is a Swedish company focused on developing extra-ordinary scented products based on high quality research and design. We excel by our knowledge about fragrances and how they affect our senses, environment and state of mind.

Our trademark PURE, with the characteristic drop-form, has been created by one of Sweden's most successful designers. Our fragrant drops help you find comfort and harmony, wherever you place them, not just scenting the air but filtering it pure from unpleasant smells also.

We are at the next level of air freshening development and design, continuously looking forward to stay ahead of the curve regardless of whether it is by inventing new materials or technologies, to forms and expression.
Fragrance development
One of our key areas of focus, the efforts led by one of the most exciting perfumer's and developers of fragrance today.

All Pure scents are thoughtfully and carefully put together to bring balance both in smell and atmospheric effect. We take no shortcuts to deliver scents whose quality is of the highest order.
Patent Technology
Our air freshening technology reacts with any eventually unpleasant or unnatural smells in the air particles and produces a counteracting effect that both filters away polluted air and enhances the new clean air with a pleasant scent, in perfect balance. The effect takes place rapidly and even larger spaces are filtered and uplifted in short time, with even the most putrid and appalling smells being swept away.

Marlorous Counteraction
Contrary to the so-called "Malodor Masking" technique that is usually used in this type of products, where a stronger scent is emitted to "cover" the unpleasant one, Pure Sweden uses the patented "Maolodor Counteraction".

In other words, our Maolodor Counteraction technology neutralises the unnatural smells from the air. The unpleasant smell is absorbed and eliminated and does therefore not return again since it has been chemically changed to another composition and evaporated, its place taken by filtered pure air with a touch of scented enhancement.
Large Scale Application Enhancement
Pure Sweden's team, geographically widespread yet united in purpose, can achieve large project development results as well.

We can work with you as an individual, company or organisation to develop new fragrant scents, custom packaging or design as well as brand enhancement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas, questions and suggestions. We always look forward to new challenges and to strive ahead for better solutions and more impacting effects.
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